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To view specific topics on planning ourselves and for those we love who are elderly or disabled, click below to view videos regarding:


  • Changes to Florida's Power of Attorney Law - For the first time since 1995, Florida has made significant changes to its Power of Attorney Laws.  We've published a summary video of the changes and a more detailed video designed for the estate planning or legal professional. 


our "Caregiving Tips & Treasures" series provides support for people who care for the elderly or disabled


  •  Making a Plan for Aging and Incapacity - In this video Florida Elder Law Attorney Scott Solkoff shares the fundamentals of a plan for aging and incapacity. By spending some time now, with the proven format suggested by Scott, you better your chances for remaining independent longer and achieving a higher quality of life. With this video comes a special bonus --- Peace of Mind.




Because each person is different, because laws and rules change and vary from place to place and because this is a very summary view, you should not rely upon any information in this video as legal advice. Seek out a good Elder Law Attorney in your state. To learn how to find the right Elder Law Attorney for you, read the free article How to Interview an Elder Law Attorney or call us at 561-733-4242.


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